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Milea Trucks helps fight hunger!

Congratulations to Erika Freund and everyone at the West Side Campaign Against Hunger for the launch of their new Mobile Food Pantry! It is great to know that a Milea Truck will be used for such a worthwhile cause!

Milea Truck for Mobile Food Pantry

Milea Truck will launch Mobile Food Pantry

West Side Campaign Against Hungerv1

Overview of Milea Trucks by Owen Chaikin

See our very own General Manager, Owen Chaikin, doing his first ever YouTube video!

Owen doesn’t think it came out great, but I respectfully disagree. I think he did an excellent job representing Milea Truck. Let me know what you think and reassure Owen that while he may not win a Grammy, he pulled it off better than most of us could :)

Five Pieces of Trucking Equipment Every Driver Should Have

For companies and private truck owners, truck driving and transport can be a dangerous job. Understanding that drivers have an important job to do means that they have to be prepared. Here’s a look at five tools and equipment that every truck driver should have.

1. Automatic Snow Chains

When it comes to truck equipment, automatic snow chains are a must have. Snow and icy conditions can jeopardize a truck driver’s safety. With a switch of a button, the automatic snow chains are activated allowing for better traction on slick roads.

2. Tire Pressure Monitoring

An under inflated tire will increase the temperatures that can lead to a failing tire. It’s also bad for fuel mileage. A tire pressure monitor will help keep track of tire health and identify when the pressure needs to be adjusted. This tool helps avoid blowouts and accidents.

3. Warning or Emergency Lights

A good piece of truck equipment to have is a set of warning lights. These gems will tell drivers who’s coming around the bend, or you can see who has pulled over and if there is an issue. They help prevent accidents and emergency maintenance to the truck.

4. Backup Cameras

Semi-trucks and flatbeds can benefit from a backup monitor. These cameras can help drivers navigate as they back in and out of small spaces. It also prevents fender benders or hitting unseen objects.

5. Truck Ladders

Truck ladders are another crucial piece of truck equipment. These ladders help drivers and those receiving the shipment safely climb in and out of the bed, which prevents falls or damage. Most ladders are foldable, easily accessible, and they take up very little space.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to truck driving, the important thing to remember is to always be prepared for the ‘just in case,’ scenario. Having extra truck equipment and tools will help make the delivery smooth and delightful.